Friday, July 12, 2013


Everything's gone yellow...

Super cool semi-translucent yellow wax with matching artwork make for a very appealing presentation of this super collaboration between Charlatans vocalist Tim Burgess and Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre and so much more) in remix mode.

'I Am Yours, I Am You" takes Tim's sweetly melodic tune and turns it inside out with a very creative Motorik-style beat, dreamy guitars, and the synth-horn sound that appears on several of Anton's recordings (dig 'If Love Was The Drug, I Want To OD'). The track is hypnotic, and lifts off into a whole other level of the cosmos when Anton's backing vocals take the song into the coda. Plus, the record is pressed at 45 RPM for maximum sonic impact.

Flip Side "Cool Minds, Breezy Hearts" takes the beats in a dancier direction, but the dense layers of sound keep the record managing to sound both ultra-catchy and super trippy.


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