Friday, November 4, 2011

THE BEATLES: Worldwide picture sleeves, 1965.

USA, released 1 February 1965. Capitol tried the EP format for the final time with this release.

USA, released 15 February 1965. One of the nicest of the US picture sleeves, as it has a unique design on both front and back. This is a good time to mention that all Capitol records picture sleeves were printed on both the east coast and west coast; this is an example of an east coast pressing. How do we know? The top of the sleeve (where the opening slit is located) is cut straight across.

UK, released 6 April 1965

UK, released 4 June 1965.

USA, released April 1965

Sweden, April 1965

USA, July 1965. This example shown is a west coast printing, as the back of the sleeve is "tabbed" at the slit opening.

Sweden, July 1965.

Norway, July 1965.

Australia, 1965. By this time, most Australian EP's mimmicked UK releases. Occasionally OZ produced unique sleeves such as this one.

USA, released September 1965

Germany, released 1965. This is the German "Odeon" label design, used throughout most of the '60's. Most European countries had unique designs for this label.

Portugal, 1965.

USA, released December 1965.

Sweden, 1965.

UK, released December 1965.

Spain, 1965. This is the Spanish variation of the Odeon label.

Norway, 1965. This single was not released in either the UK or US.

Germany, 1965.

There is no doubt that the EP format was a success in France, as Odeon released a massive slew of beautifully sleeved EPs in 1965. Surprisingly, the EP format was THE single format, as "singles" were uncommon in France until around 1966. The red Odeon label shown (from either the late '60's or early 70's) showed that the EPs were popular enough to be repressed several times (usually with an MEO catalog number).


  1. Didnt show the DECCAGONE label picture sleeves

    1. the Deccagone releases were in 1976-77