Friday, March 9, 2012

The Beatles; Worldwide Picture Sleeves 1966-1967

As the music of the Beatles progressed at an alarming pace in late 1965 and throughout 1966, seemingly the graphic designs of the single picture sleeves did as well. Many of the most beautiful sleeves of the groups history were produced in both Europe and the US throughout the psychedelic era.


EP, France


EP, Brazil. Not only is the label design unique, but Brazil was only able to produce 33 RPM records during the '60's; all singles and EP's were cut at 33 RPM.




USA. While this sleeve uses images of the Beatles from 1965 that were already dated (and they are printed backwards to boot), it still captures the mod spirit of the record and 1966.

EP, Spain



EP, Spain. Isn't that just the cutest design with the Submarine? Of course it predated the movie by two years, but perfectly captured the whimsy of the song.


USA. The same design was used in the UK as well, making this the very first UK Beatles single issued with picture sleeve.

EP, Portugal. The same track lineup and sleeve was also issued in France.


Norway. Norwegian sleeves were printed in incredibly limited numbers, making them some of the hardest to find of all Beatles picture sleeves.

Germany. excellent image of The Beatles from the session that yielded the recording of "All You Need Is Love", broadcast worldwide via satellite as part of the 'Our World' program during the summer of love.


A simply stunning Italian sleeve.

France. Minimalist art at the height of the psychedelic era; truly lovely artistic imagery.

EP, UK. The final UK EP release, signifying the takeover of the LP in 1967. EP's, once a ubiquitous part of British record buying, were completely swept under the rug by the dominance of the LP as not only the driving sales force in the industry, but also as an art form.

Norway. Probably my favorite of all Beatles picture sleeves. Whoever the graphic designer was, they show their genius here with color and imagery that perfectly reflects the nature of this brilliant record.





  1. Groovy spread! I've long coveted that Spanish "Yellow Submarine" E.P.'s, but it's never turned up. They had a ton of E.P's in Portugal, I scanned all of the ones I'd tracked down over there and posted them on my blog awhile back. I'm still missing one or two!