Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unpublished Jimi Hendrix photos I found

Coincidentally, at the same time those amazing unpublished Rolling Stones pics turned up, I found 3 incredible shots of Hendrix (and one of opener Buddy Miles Express) that I am quite certain are also unpublished! These are original prints that the photographer rather crudely affixed to a copy of Axis: Bold As Love, and it looks as though the album cover with photos was hanging on his/ her wall for many years, as there are pin holes and very old tape on the backside. I thought about removing them from the cover, but on its own it is a remarkable piece of folk art!

These were found at The Alameda, CA Antiques Fair, and I'm quite certain the person I bought them from is a dumpster diver.

As Buddy Miles is the opening act and the region I found these, I'm nearly certain they are from Winterland, San Francisco October 1968.

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