Friday, October 28, 2011

Pretty Things And Small Faces

Here's a sampling of some worldwide issued choice vinyl from these two fantastic bands. While The Pretty Things and Small Faces do not get the type of widespread accolades bestowed upon fellow British acts such as The Stones and the Who receive, their music is every bit as seminal, vital, and timeless.


UK EP, 1964. Combines the Pretties' first two single releases.

US debut LP, 1964.

US singles, 1964

Canadian issue of the Pretty Things outstanding second LP. The cover is printed on textured, blotter-type paper that is seen on many Canadian LP's of the mid-60's.

US single, 1965

Australian single, 1965

UK, 1965. My favorite Pretty Things' single, and perhaps the greatest MOD anthem ever recorded.

Holland, 1966

SCARCE US single, 1967

Masterpiece 1968 LP; perhaps the greatest of all concept albums. Original German press.


Debut UK single, 1965

UK pressing, debut LP 1966.

Curiously, this track from the '66 debut was released as a US single in 1973, pulled off of a compilation album. Quite scarce!

US, 1966

UK, 1966

Somewhat confusingly, the Small Faces 2nd long player was also self-titled, and was issued with an altered track listing in the US (see below) as "There Are But Four Small Faces". This is an original German pressing of this fantastic LP.

US, 1967.

Italy, 1967

USA, 1967 with the seldom seen (American) Immediate company sleeve.

USA, 1967.

Australia, 1968

France, 1968. Love the red Immediate label!

UK, 1969

Sweden, 1969. The version of "Wham Bam Thank You Man" is an alternate here, and in my opinion the superior version as it is faster and punchier. Also, I love the ad for Marshall amps on the back of the sleeve, especially considering that (more than likely) Steve Marriott is cranked through a Marshall on the record itself!

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  1. that record on Pride was from a cash-in re-release LP designed to trick people into thinking it was the Faces (who were on the charts at the time with Rod Stewart).

    Producer Michael Viner was "the guy who invented hip-hop" with those Incredible Bongo records also on Pride